My favourite party games

26 April 23

Shifty Eyed Spies

Shifty Eyed Spies is a social deduction game where players assume the roles of spies and try to pass secret information to their teammates without being detected by the opposing team. Players must use eye contact to signal their intentions while avoiding the gaze of the other spy. The game is won by completing your own objectives.

One Night Ultimate Werevolves

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a fast-paced social deduction game where players are given secret roles as either werewolves or villagers. The game is played over a single night phase, during which players use their unique abilities to try to uncover the identities of their opponents. The game ends with a vote to eliminate one player, with the werewolves winning if they are not eliminated and the villagers winning if they correctly identify and eliminate all werewolves.

A Fake Artist Goes to New York

A Fake Artist Goes to New York is a party game where players take turns drawing a picture based on a secret theme while one player, the “fake artist,” tries to blend in and pretend they know what the theme is without actually knowing it. The other players must work together to figure out who the fake artist is and vote them out. If the fake artist is able to blend in successfully and isn’t voted out, they win the game. However, if the fake artist is voted out, the other players win. That is, unless the fake artist can guess the theme… It’s a fun game that requires creativity, social skills, and a bit of deception.


Decrypto is a team-based word game where players split into two teams, with each team having their own set of four secret words. Players take turns giving clues to their teammates using a three-digit code to help them guess their team’s words. However, the opposing team is also trying to intercept and decode the clues, so players must be careful not to give too much away. The game is won by correctly guessing all four of your team’s words without revealing them to the other team or having the other team guess them first.

Just One

Just One is a cooperative party game where players work together to guess a secret word. Each round, one player is the “guessing” player and the other players write down a one-word clue on a card to help the guessing player guess the word. However, if any players write down the same clue, those clues are canceled out and the guessing player won’t see them. The game is won if the players can guess the secret word correctly a certain number of times before running out of cards.


Codenames is a team-based word game where players split into two teams and compete to uncover all of their team’s secret words before the other team. Players take turns being the “spymaster,” who gives one-word clues to help their teammates guess the correct words on the board. However, players must be careful not to accidentally lead their team to the opposing team’s words or the game-ending “assassin” word. The game is won by correctly guessing all of your team’s words before the other team, with additional rounds played to determine the overall winner.

Camel Up

Camel Up is a betting and racing game where players bet on the outcome of a camel race in the desert. Players take turns rolling dice to determine the movement of the camels, with some dice also allowing players to bet on the outcome of the race. The camels can stack on top of each other, potentially giving a boost to the camel on top. Players can also bet on which camel they think will be the overall winner or loser of the race. The game ends when all camels have crossed the finish line, with the player who earned the most money from their bets being declared the winner.


Telestrations is a party game that combines drawing and guessing. Players start by writing a secret phrase or word on a dry-erase flipbook and then passing the book to the next player. That player must then draw a picture representing the word or phrase on the next page of the book. The book is then passed to the next player, who must guess what the drawing represents and write their guess on the following page. This continues until the book has completed a full circle or reached a predetermined number of rounds. The game ends with players revealing the hilarious misinterpretations that occurred throughout the game.


Wavelength is a team-based party game where players try to guess the location of a hidden target on a spectrum. Players split into two teams and take turns acting as the “psychic,” who draws a card with a hidden target location on a spectrum between two opposite concepts (such as “hot” and “cold”). The psychic then gives a clue to their team that hints at the location of the target. The team must then discuss and guess where the target is on the spectrum, with points awarded based on how close their guess is to the actual target. The game is won by the team with the most points at the end of the game.

Two Rooms and a Boom

Two Rooms and a Boom is a large-group social deduction game where players split into two teams and try to achieve their secret objective. The game is played with two rooms, with one room representing the red team and the other room representing the blue team. Each player is given a secret role and must work with their team to achieve their objective while also trying to figure out the identity of players on the opposing team. At the end of each round, players vote on which player to send to the opposite room, with the goal of achieving their objective by either having the right player in the same room or keeping the wrong player out of the room. The game is won by the team that achieves their objective at the end of the game.


Telestations, A Fake Artist Goes To New York and Just One are games which are fairly easy to make yourself, you don’t need to buy the actual game. Lookup the rules on the web, get some paper and pens and get playing.

For Two Rooms and a Boom, you can find a print-and-play version here.